# Health alert organisation

Menta Health

Our mental health program aims to provide comprehensive support and promote mental well-being within the albino community.

Objective of the program

Provided sevices

During Mental Health program we provide awide range of services that have made a great archievement and some of them a listed below

Counseling and Therapy

Our dedicated team of experienced mental health professionals provides compassionate counseling and therapy services to individuals with albinism.

Outreach and Community

In partnership with community health care workers, we are commited to help individuals with disability , mothers of children with disability and fight against stigma and discrimanation associated with albinism condition

Support Groups

Our organization facilitates supportive and inclusive support groups specifically designed for individuals with albinism.

Program Out come

Improved positive mental health and developed skills of acceptance and value-based action. as our positive mental health was enhanced, individuals experienced greater emotional well-being, resilience, and a sense of overall happiness.