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NCDs screening program

NCDS stands for Non-Communicable Diseases. examples of NCDS include cardiovascular diseases (such as heart disease and stroke), diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases 

Objective of the program

Provided sevices

During NCDS screening we provide aweide range of services that have made a great archievement and some of them a listed below

Blood Glucose checkup

By monitoring your blood sugar levels, we can provide guidance on healthy eating habits, physical activity, and potential medical interventions if required.

Blood pressure test

This simple and non-invasive procedure allows us to measure your blood pressure levels, providing valuable insights into your cardiovascular health.

Weight-Height Ratio

This assessment enables personalized guidance on nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle modifications for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Program Out come

We empowered health through Early Detection.    Early detection of non-communicable disease leads to better health outcomes . it also enables an understanding of better health and the need to avoid risk factors in the general community.