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Climate change Program

Welcome to our Climate Change Program, where we address the pressing challenge of climate change with a keen focus on its impact on health, especially among vulnerable populations.

Objective of the program

Provided sevices

Our Climate Change Program offers a suite of services aimed at mitigating the health impacts of climate change and enhancing community resilience:

Climate Resilience Education

Offering workshops and training sessions to educate communities on building resilience against climate change impacts, focusing on health-related vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies.

Health Adaptation Projects

Implementing projects that specifically address the health challenges posed by climate change, such as creating access to clean water, improving food security, and enhancing disease surveillance and response.

Healthcare Provider Training on Climate Disabilities

This will help in equipping them with the skills to offer better support and care for individuals with disabilities in the context of climate-related health issues.

Program Out come

The outcome of our Climate Change Program is a resilient and inclusive community that is well-equipped to face the challenges of climate change, with a strong emphasis on protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities.