General objective

  • To identify PWA in Rwanda and their health status and their social issues
  • Provision of possible preventive materials such as sun screen, sun glasses, clothes, and regular screening for skin & eye diseases.
  • Advocacy for rights of PWA to the community, education sector and health sector
  • Health education on Albinism to PWA/Parents & Care takers.
  • Skin and eye examination for PWA on precancerous lesions by dermatologist and visual defects by ophthalmologist.
  • Cryotherapy services for precancerous lesions
  • Advocacy for rights for PWA
  • Provision of preventive materials including suns protective factor (SPF) or sunscreen creams, sunglasses, prescription lenses, long-sleeved hat, long-sleeved clothes and lip burns

Program outcome

  • Reduce the stigma among albino population.
  • People with albinism or caregivers will understand techniques for avoiding Sun exposure.
  • Individuals with albinism will have skills on the use of sunscreen creams, sun glasses, and prescription lenses, long-sleeved hat, long sleeved clothes and lip burns.
  • Access to healthcare services like (Skin cancer and Visual screening) and prevention materials.